Updated: Jun 30

Social media is no longer an avenue for simply pushing messages to your customer base. Consumers want to engage with brands that listen to and speak with them. Social listening is the act of monitoring your social media accounts and channels to search for customer feedback and give appropriate responses. When done properly, you can leverage your digital brand (with the help of Sydney creative agencies) to understand the unique needs of your target audience and create meaningful conversations that speak to them on a personal level! Read on for a few reasons to start social listening if you haven’t already.

Proven Loyalty to Responsive Brands

According to a 2018 survey, 76% of people expect brands to reply on social media. Furthermore, 90% of millennials expect a response on the same day. No matter how quickly you respond, inappropriate communication will drive away consumers. Listen to your customer base and reply accordingly – this will keep them brand loyal and boost customer retention.

Keeping Fingers to the Pulse of Your Brand

Social listening is a highly effective method of monitoring your brand’s health. Bad customer experiences can send shockwaves through your digital presence and have lasting consequences. By keeping track of what people are saying about your brand in the digital realm, you can more accurately gauge what customers like or don’t like. Be ready to manage any crises brought up by consumers – your brand will benefit in a pinch.

Stay Modern Within Your Industry

By tracking industry trends through the commentary of your customers, you are much more likely to gain precious insight into cutting-edge opportunities. Social listening will help you answer valuable questions such as:

• Are there any questions you can answer better than your competitors can?

• Is there unmet demand within your industry?

• Are there any social issues related to your brand that need to be addressed?

Bring In Higher Volumes of Customers

Business to consumer relationships are a two-way street between your brand and your customers. By listening to your followers’ preferences, you will be empowered to create more content that people are passionate about. Using social media to express your brand in interesting ways and attract the attention of content viewers makes it easier for you to convert leads into quality customers.

Gain an Intimate Understanding of Your Audience

Ultimately, consumers are the people who keep your business afloat. Whether or not you foster a caring relationship with your customers can either doom your brand or guide it towards prosperity. By listening to your client base, you can identify demographics, preferences, and customer behaviors as well as public opinion about your brand. With tangible data at your fingertips, you can leverage it to take appropriate action and grow your brand more.

To start getting in touch with your customers, we recommend keeping an eye on ongoing discussions related to your brand. We hope that reading through these benefits has helped you understand why social listening is crucial to the longevity of your brand. As Sydney’s leading creative agency, Bungalow Creative has every tool necessary to help you listen to your audience and build your brand in ways that are interesting, appealing, and engaging. Find out more about our brand design services here.

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