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When you’re faced with the task of marketing your business, there’s a certain fast, shiny appeal to online or app-based graphic design tools like Canva. At a glance, these polished-looking templates with flashy typography promise a job well done without the hassle of hiring a skilled design team.

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However – do these convenient benefits really outweigh the expertise of a talented creative agency in Sydney? Often, relying on these tools to achieve your business’s branding goals can actually do more harm than good. Here’s a few points to consider as you determine which road to take for your graphic design needs.

Don't Get Lost in a Sea of Sameness

If you’re thinking that Canva or other tools can provide your business with the marketing edge it needs to stand apart from the crowd, you may be wrong. The truth is, Canva’s template based design model is readily recognizable and apparent to viewers – after all, 30 million worldwide users are utilizing the same templates, only slightly altered to suit a wide array of different businesses.

When your goal is to drive brand recognition and develop a unique identity, opting for the same, on-trend formats as every other Canva user makes distinctive design an impossible task. There’s a reason that iconic logos, interfaces, and designs capture viewers’ attention – they make use of timeless design elements that thoughtfully reflect their brand identity – and not just a formulaic design that could substitute in just as well for any other brand.

You Can't Automate Great Design

Nowadays, we are often in a rush to automate everything we can. From futuristic cashier-less Amazon stores to grammar and proofreading extensions to improve our emails as we type, there are few limits to what we can achieve with technology. However, when it comes to creativity and design, a human touch and trained eye are critical elements that cannot be replaced by a handy app. A knowledgeable designer can connect with your brand to help translate its special niche and identity to the world through visual elements. Good design can help your potential customers get a feel for who you are at a single glance – something that generic design templates cannot achieve alone.

What You See Isn't All You Get

When it comes to logo design, motion graphics, social media content, print work, packaging, or beyond, the stunning, finished visual product is what you get… right? Well, wrong. Behind the scenes, there are plenty of technical details that skilled graphic designers live and breathe that you might be utterly unfamiliar with – and that can make or break your design project.

Think about it – if you’re DIY-ing your design project, you’ll have to consider file formats, as well as whether your visuals are being created for print or digital usage. Are you familiar with the correct color mode to use, or what printing margins are necessary for your project? Maybe you’re unsure of how best to responsibly source the images you need – you can’t just pluck the visuals you want from a Google search for your own commercial use.

When you opt to utilize Canva or another design app, you’re stuck with the limited template options and export formats offered – as well as your own best judgement. Alternatively, skilled design professionals can help answer all your questions and create the best quality product possible to meet your project’s goals.

Design Apps Have Their Uses

So, we get it – apps and web-based DIY design platforms simply aren’t as robust as the skills of a dedicated creative team or agency. Canva serves as a handy tool in a pinch – maybe you’d like to print out a quick flyer or emergency greeting card, or to post an urgent announcement online. But when it comes to important, long-lasting visual choices – like website design, a major motion design project for company explainer videos, packaging design for your new product, or even logo designer services – your best bet is to partner with a skilled creative team to help translate your brand’s vision into visual form.

Ready to get started sharing your brand’s wow factor with the world? Bungalow Creative is here to help. Contact us today for an estimate on your creative project – our team of Sydney web designers looks forward to helping you achieve success with professional design!

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