Whether your company has existed for years or just recently taken off, you may still lack traction with your intended clientele. Your brand is the image of yourself that you project to customers, connecting them to your products and services that make your business uniquely yours! Building your brand online is one of the best ways to tap into audiences and markets that are otherwise inaccessible and that is why merging brand consistency with your web design is so important. Gain brand recognition with your customers by learning how Sydney web designers can build your online presence!

Evoke Emotion with Colour Theory

There is a science and art to using colour. Each shade, hue, and tint evoke a different emotional response in people. By picking colour schemes that align with your brand identity, your customers are empowered to gain more insight into what your business is all about. For example, brown and green together give an earthy impression. In addition to brand identity, colours can also subtly draw your customer’s attention to targeted areas, such as using brighter colours to bring more eyes to navigation bars and actionable links.

Declutter with Whitespace

In many cases of website design, less is more. Whitespace is a self-explanatory concept: by condensing material and leaving more space open on your page, customers can digest your brand at their own pace. Cramming every inch with content can overstimulate customers, making it more difficult for them to retain your brand identity. Strategically utilisuing whitespace is shown to boost attention spans and comprehension rates by 20%. Website design companies can effectively balance your visual content with whitespace to streamline your brand for customers.

Keep Fonts Consistent and Easy to Read

Much like how colour consistency can help convey the message of your brand, so too can font simplicity. Too many fonts may be confusing to customers and make your website harder to interpret. Furthermore, trendy fonts may make it more difficult for customers to read through your content. Instead, websites benefit most from two font choices that complement one another. The tone of your brand will be strengthened without compromising your unique personality!

Integrate Intimate Details

Consumers are more inclined to interact with companies that have a real name, face, and mission behind their online presence. After all, a digital brand conveys more than the worth of its products – it demonstrates your relatability as people. When customers are invested in a brand beyond their products or services, they are more eager to support your endeavors. Integrating mission statements, behind-the-scenes photos, testimonials, and more will pump your digital brand full of life while shedding an intimate light on yourself for your audience.

Make the Most of Your Logo

Much of the time, your logo is the first impression that customers receive when they

come across your brand. The design itself is important – carefully blending both professionalism and your personality – but just as important is where it is displayed on your website. Consumers are more likely to remember logos found near the top left corner because many languages read left-to-right. Strategic logo placement can leave an impression in the minds of customers who will subconsciously associate your handcrafted image with your digital brand.

By utilising effective nuances and portraying a meaningful message, your digital brand speaks to your audience and helps them understand what to expect from your business. When your online presence is clear and consistent over time, your advantage over the competition is fortified and your marketing efforts yield more fruitful results. Contact Bungalow Creative today to learn more about our brand-bolstering services, which include logo design, brand strategy, and brand refreshes, and see how Sydney’s leading website design agency can strengthen your digital presence.

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