Updated: Jun 30

The goldfish is renowned for its notoriously short attention span – just 9 seconds! This startling figure is even more surprising when you consider that Microsoft published a report in 2015 that the average human attention span has dropped to a mere 8 seconds. Now, the credibility of this report may be disputable but what remains is the fact that customers are spending less time than ever on search results, advertisements, and websites.

For this reason, we recommend that every website should be able to capture a customer’s trust and interest within the first 7 seconds they spend on your page. How can Sydney web designers make this happen? Just read on to find out!

The 7-Second Test

Within this narrow time frame, customers should be able to look at your site and already have the answers to several questions, such as:

  • What is this brand about?

  • Does this brand appeal to me?

  • What action should I take next?

  • Do I want to share this brand with others?

Enabling viewers to answer these questions correctly within seven seconds means your website is doing its job!

Streamlined Design and a Clear Call to Action

In order to capture your viewers’ attention within seven seconds, your website needs to be rid of its clutter with a greater emphasis placed on your intended call to action. This might manifest as open white spaces between large and easy-to-ready fonts that convey a clear message. By providing cushioning around the parts that matter, they will stand out more to viewers. Common calls to action include creating an account, downloading an app, or joining the email list and acing the 7-second test is all about convincing people to do those things in as little time as possible.

Generate Conversions with Easier Opt-Ins

Creating conversions is what keeps the business going. Generating interest yields more customers which produces a more successful brand! Part of enticing customers towards a call to action is making that process as easy for them as possible – no one will want to follow through on a call to action that is bothersome. On-page testimonials are an easy way to earn the trust of customers and urgent verbiage will direct them towards calls to action (think phrases like “act now” or “limited time only”).

Filter Out the Bad Leads

With efficient web design and improved calls to action, your brand will be funneling in new leads in no time. But, not every lead is a good one! This is especially true of calls to action that involve free trials or free ebooks, because these tactics typically herd in lots of bots or people simply looking for freebies. Proven Sydney web designers can weed out the low-quality data so that your brand can focus on the leads that matter!

Establishing your brand is more than just fielding a website that is intuitive and user-friendly – it’s also about making customers want to share their experience with other users. With the expert help of a leading Sydney design agency like Bungalow Creative, your website will be acing the 7-second test in no time! We offer every service that you brand could need to flourish, including logo design, graphic design, email marketing, and so much more. Give Bungalow Creative a call today!

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